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Patient Resources & Materials for Patient Empowerment and Shared Decision Making
Never Events

Books for the Empowered Patient:  


The Treatment Trap & Wall of Silence.  
  By Rosemary Gibson and Janardan Prasad Singh

The Wall of Silence 
The Treatment Trap

My Father: An American Story of Courage Shattered Dreams and Enduring Love.
     By Michael Bennett

My Father by Michael Bennett

The Empowered Patient
    By Dr Julia A. Hallsy           Download E-Book (FREE)    

The Empowered Patient 

A Never Event
    By Evelyn V. McKnight and Travis T. Bennington.   

A Never Event by Evelyn McKnight 

Safe & Sound in the Hospital 
   By Karen Curtiss   

Safe and Sound in the Hospital 

A Sea of Broken Hearts.  
   By John T James, Ph.D.    

A Sea of Broken Hearts 



Patient Handouts and Brochures  


20 Tips To Help Patients Prevent Medical Errors.  A brochure produced from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) - 2012  

     Download Brochure 

20 Tips To Help Pateints Prevent Medical Errors - AHRQ

AARP - Patient Checklist for Your Hospital Stay